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In 1980, under the name Team Resources®, Inc., we began our journey as one of the first consulting firms to recognize the significance of the increasing interest in workplace teams. Although the concept has been around since cavemen got together and formulated a plan to bring down a mammoth home for the winter’s food supply, Team Resources introduced some practical and powerful ideas to enhance the effectiveness of business teams. Our Team Model brought a clarity and usability that resonated with many companies who were restructuring their organizations to meet the needs of their larger, more complex customers.

The Team Resources’ Team Model became the core strategy for such organizations as P&G, Helene Curtis, Campbell’s Soup, and many other well-known organizations.

As we grew and developed as a firm, we increased our offerings to serve our growing client list more effectively. Today we operate within four practice areas:





In the 1990s we expanded our business internationally by opening five Latin American offices (Caracas, Mexico City, Bogotà, Lima, and Santiago). After 25 years of growth in size and service offerings, we realized that the name ”Team Resources“ no longer expressed our true identity. This realization led us, in 2005, to reposition the firm under a new name: Triaxia Partners®.

“Triaxia” combines our then current name, Team Resources, Inc. (TRI) with the Greek word, axia which conveys the idea of merit, worth, value. It came to describe the sense of value and worth of both things and people. We believe that the two together (“tri-axia”) captures an expanded identity that characterizes more fully who we are today.

From the beginning, one distinct quality has set us apart from similar consulting firms: we have intentionally dedicated nearly half of our time to providing not-for-profit organizations around the world with the same level of management consulting that we offer to Fortune 500 corporations. Instead of “giving back” at the end of our journey, we decided to give along the way. In 2010 we added a third client sector, government, become an awarded GSA schedule contract holder for the U.S. Government.

We strive to support all three client sectors as, they endeavor to release the value of their products and services in ways that enable them to more effectively serve their constituents and develop their own people and organizational capacity.