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Leadership Assessment

Accurate leadership assessment provides as essential foundation for leadership insight growth. Comprehensive assessment against the leadership success factors of an organization effectively reveals untapped leadership potential and suggests specific strategies for closing the developmental gap. Triaxia provides clients with powerful assortment of assessment tools tailored to their specific needs as well as supporting strategies to help participants turn insight into increased leadership effectiveness.

Powerful Assessment Tools

Triaxia’s PaceSetter 360 is tailored to your organizational leadership attributes (competencies, character, knowledge, and experience), culture, corporate values, and terminology will help your leaders assess their strengths and developmental opportunities.

The PaceSetter 360 is supported by a portfolio of leadership assessment instruments to release personal and leadership.

A comprehensive personality battery designed to reliably predict job performance as well as support leadership development and succession planning
A highly credible emotional/social intelligence (EQ) instrument to help participants grow in their self and social awareness and develop the self-management insights and skills needed to strengthen their interpersonal and leadership effectiveness. (See the Case Study).#

Enterprise-Level Norms and Insight

Data collected from the individual assessment of leaders over time allows your organization to establish enterprise level norms and plumb lines that can be used to identify developmental opportunities at an organizational level. Training programs, recruiting and selection processes, and communication strategies are just a few of the areas that benefit from such input.

Tailored Personal Growth Plans for Leaders

Triaxia assists clients in designing creative and effective strategies for closing the developmental gaps of their leaders. Strategies like coaching, developmental assignments, and leadership learning solutions provide the essential ingredients for personal growth plans of individual leaders.