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Strategic Planning Process

Every client planning initiative is unique in its objectives, process, and outputs. Triaxia Partners Strategic Thinking Cycle provides a model or template that allows the planning team to effectively navigate through a wide array of planning endeavors.

Typical activities taken collectively or individually in a strategic thinking exercise might include things like the following:

  • Clarifying the vision, mission, and values that set direction and govern behavior
  • Gathering facts and background information necessary to make quality decisions and develop the right list of priorities
  • Agreeing on fundamental planning assumptions, principles, and the scope for strategy choices
  • Identifying significant opportunities and major threats facing the organization
  • Identifying the list of strategic options worth pursuing
  • Identifying the organizational structure and capabilities needed to execute the strategy
  • Building management consensus around strategic options and organizational priorities
  • Ensuring that supporting action plans are in place including timelines, responsibilities, and metrics