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Executive Coaching Service

Triaxia Partners provides an array of leadership coaching services as part of our leadership practice. Seasoned coaches with years of business and coaching experience, supported by strong portfolio of proven diagnostic and assessment tools and our results-based coaching model ensure your leaders quickly close performance gaps and achieve leadership potential and impact. See examples of typical coaching assignments.

Our Coaching Distinctives

  • We are first and foremost business consultants, and understand how business is intended to work. Our experience in strategic planning, organizational assessment and design, team development, and leadership development allows us to place the coaching experience, process, and objectives within the larger context of the business.
  • We believe that self-awareness and self-mastery are foundational to leadership success. Both qualities provide that initial insight and the ongoing methods to continue its growth.
  • We are holistic. We understand and take into account the environmental influences (organizational culture, organizational capacity, enterprise processes and systems) that can help or hinder executive performance and growth.
  • We use relevant business issues as the primary developmental tool of the coaching process to develop the skills and mindset needed for executive success.
  • We have a highly successful complement of customized diagnostics and survey instruments that ensure that we are focused on real information and issues, not simply anecdotes and hypothesis.
  • We use business results as the primary indicator of coaching success.
  • We create action-oriented, development roadmaps focused on immediate results in the short term (6 to 12 sessions).
  • We partner closely with the business in ways that provide both adequate transparency about the process and a safeguard for the confidentiality of the client. In turn, we provide transitional recommendations to the organization at the completion of coaching to ensure lasting results.