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Leading High Performance Teams®

High performance leaders support high performance teams. Effective team leaders see their responsibility as a role from which to serve rather than a position to be served. A better description for these leaders include such terms as direction setters, facilitators, networkers, coaches, and boundary managers. They are attuned to the needs of the team and serve those needs willingly, knowing that the real “boss” of their team is the task.

Great team leaders are clear about the difference between exceptional and acceptable results and they will lead their team to commit to the former. They understand the principles and “physics” of teamwork and can diagnose and address team problems that hinder team effectiveness.

This workshop will equip both experienced and new team leaders with the perspectives, principles, and processes needed to take their teams to exceptional levels of performance.

In this workshop, team leaders will:

  • Identify the six characteristics of high performance teams and their roles in helping their teams achieve excellence in each element.
  • Recognize why teams must be led and not managed
  • Discover how to gain the willing acceptance of their team
  • Identify the mindset that sets highly effective team leaders apart from the less successful
  • Learn the difference between team leadership and task leadership
  • Discover when and how to release the leader in every team member
  • Learn how to diagnose and address team performance problems