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DISC Profile System™ Training

We offer a complete Personal DISCernment Inventory™ (PDI™) certification. The knowledge and techniques taught in this workshop will give you the tools you need to facilitate the PDI™ with excellence. The workshops take place at our office in Atlanta.

Each seminar has three sections:

  • Introduction to the Personal DISCernment Inventory™
    • Take the assessment
    • Learn how the instrument is put together and the value of each section
    • Learn tips and techniques for a smooth facilitation of the test
  • Certification Workshop
    • Certifies you to teach the PDI to others
    • Equips you to knowledgeably facilitate the PDI and maximize the impact of the learning
    • Provides you with the tools and materials to present the instrument with credibility
    • Enables you to interpret the complete spectrum of results
  • Hands-on Workshop
    • Opportunity to practice teaching the PDI to others in a safe, positive environment with constructive feedback
    • Learn effective exercises to both reinforce participants’ knowledge of the PDI and effectively incorporate the modules to maximize impact
    • Tips and techniques to solidify learning and make it fun
    • Limited group size (8-12) to maximize personal attention

Class sizes are limited to ensure personal attention and quality learning.