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Team Consulting

Triaxia helps clients to ascertain if teams are the best solution to achieving certain organizational objectives, and, if they are, we work with the organization to design the best team strategy (mission/team task, size, composition, success measures, and processes) to pursue that objective, and then link and align the team(s) structurally both to the objectives and organization. See case studies for examples with a single team, multiple customer business teams, and enterprise-wide team initiatives.

For nearly 30 years, Triaxia Partners has been a pioneer in helping companies with strategies demanding high levels of collaboration to develop high performance work teams. Our team building strategies are supported by a powerful portfolio of team learning solutions to help teams increase their effectiveness. Triaxia’s unique Team Model describing the characteristics of a high performance team (based on our bestselling book, The Performance Factor) provides the organizing framework for both team learning and diagnostics. It doesn’t matter whether the client teams are permanent business teams or task forces with a relatively short life span, our team building process is specially designed to help business teams get fast traction.

Like any organization, teams benefit from objective external support and expertise when they work through the important, but often emotionally charged issues of mission, roles, operating principles, conflict, decisions and complex problems. Whether it is a half-day work session or on-going relationship as a team coach, our seasoned team coaches will bring the needed business, process, and team skills to the table to help your teams quickly get started back on-track to high performance.