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Mastering the Principles and Practices of Leadership Development

Are leaders born or made . . . or both? What are the most effective and potent tools for developing leadership? How do we cultivate leaders in today’s environment with impossibly wide spans of control, cross-functional teams, matrix structures, virtual organizations, and a team of direct reports spread over 12 states? Who is responsible for the development of leadership talent- the employee? The manager? The company?

In this full-day workshop, participants will wrestle with these questions as well as many others as they come to grips with both the importance and the challenge of growing leadership in today’s work environment. Presentations, exercises, case studies, videos, and discussion all combine to help participants grasp the critical principles, practices, and barriers to building leadership.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Discover the realities in the 21st century organization that, at the same time, make leadership critically important but its development unbelievably challenging
  • Develop a deep understanding to the key principles that they must implement if they are to grow leaders and strengthen the company’s leadership niche
  • Develop comprehensive insight into the specific tools and practices that have the greatest impact in building the leadership effectiveness of others
  • Learn a process for assessing the developmental needs of the company’s talent pool and designing a creative strategy to address those needs.