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Breakthrough Leadership

This full-day foundational workshop is packed with a presentation, discussion, exercises, videos, and case studies. Workshop participantswill discover powerful models that will redefine their understanding about leadership from both an organizational and personal perspective. They will address important and often paradoxical questions about what leadership is and what makes some leaders more effective than others. Participants will leave this workshop with clear insights of how to apply the principles of effective leadership in their day-to-day work settings.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Discover the dramatic increase in commitment and productivity a good leader calls out of people
  • Clarify the differences between leadership and management\
  • Learn a powerful and memorable model of leadership that will deepen their understanding of its essential elements
  • Explore the attributes of highly effective leaders
  • Wrestle with the critical issue of character in leadership and the implications of its lack or failure
  • Gain understanding of key derailers that cause followers not to trust/follow leaders.

A leader is a person who influences people to achieve a noble purpose.