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Practice Areas

We help clients attack their most pressing business problems through four practice areas:


At its core, strategy is about making courageous choices — choices that rigorously focus on how your organization will create unique and sustainable value for the constituents you serve, including your customers, shareholders and staff. And you must make these choices in a dynamic environment that incorporates fluid market, competitive, technological, economic and regulatory realities.


Triaxia® helps clients to ascertain if teams are the best solution to achieving certain organizational objectives, and, if they are, we work with the organization to design the best team strategy (mission/team task, size, composition, success measures, and processes) to pursue that objective, and then link and align the team(s) structurally both to the objectives and organization.


Leadership bench strength is one of the most important factors in achieving the strategic ambitions of any company. Yet, many senior management teams acknowledge their companies are experiencing a leadership shortfall. Triaxia Partners provides enterprise-wide leadership development strategies, learning solutions, processes, and consulting support to help clients build the leadership bench strength needed to achieve their strategic ambitions.


Triaxia assists firms in adjusting the appropriate design elements to deliver the greatest business results by helping set up the internal structure for redesigning an organization, facilitating the design process, and/or implementing the plan.