Triaxia Partners

OD Consulting

TRIAXIA assists these firms in adjusting the appropriate design elements to deliver the greatest business results.

We offer several options to our clients in making organizational design choices:

  • Setting up the internal structure for redesigning an organization. We help establish internal design, oversight (steering), and project teams to ensure the proper management of the project. This structure demands the appropriate membership as well as clearly defined purpose, authority levels, and processes for each of the teams.
  • Facilitating the design process. TRIAXIA will provide facilitation as the team works through a powerful design model that ensures all of the elements and options of an organization design are considered.
  • Implementing the Plan. Changes of significant magnitude are complex, touching upon all elements of an organization, and requiring detailed planning to implement (design is only 20 percent of the work). Our facilitators and consultants walk the design team through a proven transition-state model, ensuring that the team defines the activities, commitment plan, schedule, and evaluation/monitoring plan to facilitate a smooth transition to the new organization.

Clients choose TRIAXIA for any or all of these elements. We work with clients who are making relatively modest changes in the organization as well as those implementing a major shift in strategy that results in significant restructure. In either case, our processes are effective and achieve improved business results.