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Strategy Articles

Our Thoughts About Planning

Too many management teams suffer through hours of wasted time and energy working step-by-step through sterile, inflexible, and often poorly designed planning processes. They have experienced the frustration of building a plan only to see it immediately laid aside the following day as the organization pursues business as usual. Over time, it is seen about […]

Mapping a Clear Organization Direction

Truly great organizations are crystal clear about where they are going, why they are going there, how they will make the journey, and the rules of the road. The idea of a journey is a good metaphor for the grand task of establishing the destination (and, by definition, direction) and mapping the strategy needed to […]

Strategy Questions Every Leader Should Be Asking

trategic planning involves asking a series of important questions, collecting the right data needed to answer them and making tough choices among good alternatives. This paper addresses the questions typically asked over the course of strategic planning. The list is not exhaustive. Every company has a number of questions unique to it as an organization […]