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PaceSetter 360 Assessment

Triaxia’s PaceSetter 360° is a powerful assessment tool that provides executives with foundational insights and learning that drive performance and motivate change. The PaceSetter 360° will help participants to:
  • Clearly understand and contrast themselves against the “gold standard”: best practice leadership attributes that describe highly effective leaders within your organizational context
  • Recognize how others perceive their behavior and capabilities
  • Confirm leadership strengths and developmental needs and opportunities
  • Identify blind spots of perception between themselves and their managers and between themselves and their direct reports
  • Interpret the feedback, identifying patterns, separating what is important from the merely interesting, and connecting the feedback to day-to-day leadership effectiveness and business results
  • Receive clear developmental recommendations for creating a practical action plan for growth
  • Quickly identify, out of many factors, the essential few that, if developed, would have the greatest impact on their leadership effectiveness
  • Accept the feedback as valid, credible, and helpful to their personal development as a leader
The real test of a 360° assessment instrument is twofold: (1) valid factors (often called leadership competencies or success factors) that truly drive leadership performance and, (2) a report format that facilitates understanding, insight, and application. The PaceSetter 360° does exceptionally well in both areas. The foundation of the PaceSetter 360° resides on Triaxia’s powerful and unique LeadBase™, a database of leadership success factors used in many high performance organizations. LeadBase is used to develop, edit, or test client leadership factors to ensure that the assessment instrument effectively and completely describes the capabilities clients seek in their leaders. The PaceSetter 360° Report Book is comprehensive and is organized to help participants separate the important from the unimportant, interpret the results, and develop an effective action plan for growth. With so many 360° multi-rater instruments in the marketplace, choosing the tool best suited for your needs can be difficult. Triaxia’s PaceSetter 360° has a powerful set of distinctives and benefits that set it apart in a very crowded field of competitors. Triaxia Consultants are available to answer any questions you might have about the PaceSetter 360° assessment instrument. Additional information is also found in our Frequently Asked Questions about the PaceSetter 360° assessment process.

Frequently Asked Questions about the PaceSetter 360°

The focus of this particular 360° is on leadership. It is designed to encompass the leadership from the level of a CEO of a major company to a department leader four levels lower in the organization.

We have several clients for whom we have developed non-managerial 360° instruments. Recently, we implemented a 360° assessment for a large group of engineers, scientists, and technical project managers who were individual contributors and not in a leadership role for the client company.

We have the ability to design 360° assessment instruments for any position or function at any level in a corporation and tailor that instrument so that it reflects the terminology, the culture, and the norms of that organization.

We design 360° assessments for specific functions. For example, some companies have large sales organizations and, in many cases, the factors you would use to assess the skills, behaviors, and attitudes of sales people would differ considerably from those you would use in the more traditional line organization.

Because we tailor our instrument on a client-by-client basis, we measure many different things; but, for the most part, our focus is on organizational leadership. When designing assessment instruments that are more functional in nature, we stress the skills important for that function. We often insert client-specific factors or tailor and adapt ours to better reflect the client culture.

Yes. In fact, we encourage it. Completing it online allows clients to have as many raters as they desire without increasing the cost. Secondly, it keeps the cost of a very sophisticated instrument to a minimum. Finally, we have discovered that when a survey instrument is administered online, the number of comments made on a question-by-question basis is much greater than if the raters were filling out a paper form. Many 360° participants find the anecdotal comments to be very powerful in providing insight, explanation, and color to the more quantitative data.

In delivering the 360° online, we often design a web page that mimics the client home page so that participants feel that they are on the company website. They are unaware that they are on a Triaxia Partners server. The report is printed with the client logo and graphics. If we asked the participants who produced the 360°, they would assume that it was their employer.

Some clients prefer to clearly communicate that the survey is done by a third party to convey a sense of objectivity and confidentiality. Those clients are run through another Triaxia server ( This site projects an objective and somewhat neutral tone without any distinctive branding that would detract from the administration of the assessment.

The pricing can be broken down in several components: adaptation, setup, and price per book.

  • Adaptation – We encourage adaptation to reflect client culture, terminology, and specific client needs more clearly. Pricing depends on the level of adaptation the client desires. [See #7 below for details on adaptation]
  • Setup – There is a minimal one-time setup fee for every new version of the 360°.
  • Report Books – Pricing for report book is tied to the number of people being assessed. Note that you may elect to receive the reports electronically as a PDF file and insert them into your own covers. Additionally you can print as many reports as you desire.

Contact us for specific information and pricing details.

We strongly believe that whoever delivers the feedback needs some experience and training in doing so. However, many of our clients have HR staff who are capable of facilitating the feedback. If training is needed, we provide a workshop for HR staff and line managers in how to provide assessment feedback as well as coaching skills to help participants apply the insights they get from the 360° into their day-to-day work.

Many clients prefer Triaxia consultants to provide the feedback to those receiving assessments. We have a number a seasoned facilitators and executive coaches who are highly proficient at providing such feedback.

A continuum of possibilities exist, depending on the degree to which you desire to tailor the instrument and assessment factors. We work with clients along the entire continuum. Below are a few examples.

  • Client A wants to develop its own leadership success factors. This company currently has some, but for the most part they are inconsistently applied and not everyone is using the same list. We are equipped to help work through the process of developing a robust list of leadership success factors (attributes) that best reflect what it takes to be an effective leader/manager in the organization. We then take that list, edit it, rationalize it against our Leadbase™ factors and return it to them for final approval. Often, we’ll test this new list with a small group of individuals in the company to develop the confidence that, in fact, it is as descriptive as we hope for it to be.
  • Client B has a number of factors that it would like to incorporate but acknowledge that they are nowhere near as complete and robust as they should be. The firm would like to incorporate many of these factors but have them augmented with additional competencies that have demonstrated a consistency in identifying leadership success.
  • Client C has a well-developed list of success factors but no 360° instrument or the technology to deliver it and have no interest in doing it. This client partners with Triaxia to provide backroom operations, supplying them assessment reports using their factors. The client pays the setup fee and price per report book charge but, of course, there is no cost for tailoring a list of leadership factors.
  • Client D does not have leadership success factors, nor does it want to develop its own. This firm elects to use Triaxia’s best practice version with no adaptation.

We are willing to serve clients at any point on this adaptation continuum. Our preference is that all 360°s be tailored to some extent to reflect the terminology, the culture, and any unique factors that the client feels are important in defining success with their leaders.

Yes. The costs depend on the degree of adaptation. Minimal adaptation usually incurs little, if any, additional costs.

Some clients want to add a specific factor (category group of questions, e.g., foundational skills) and list specific job competencies under that for that function (e.g., marketing, sales, accounting, manufacturing, etc.). We are delighted to incorporate that as an additional factor with its supporting descriptors and generally charge no more than the normal setup cost that we would charge for any 360°. Again, our preference is to help the client tailor the instrument to the greatest extent possible.