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Mission & Principles

Triaxia Partners helps clients identify, ask, and answer their most important organizational questions. We support our consulting services with a portfolio of tools and services that include training and learning solutions, materials and assessment for the organization, teams, and individuals — all designed to help clients transform vision into reality.

Our Mission

To help clients achieve their strategic aspirations through the integration of wise strategy, superior leadership, exceptional levels of teamwork and highly effective organizational design

Our Vision

To make a profound, enduring, and positive difference in client organizations: strategically, collaboratively, and in overall organizational effectiveness

Our Focus

The human side of the enterprise

Our Commitment

To get to the heart of the matter and speak to the heart of the person

Business Principles

  • Pursue our mission with an uncompromising commitment to excellence, while integrating exemplary values and principles into our daily work activities
  • Strive to understand what our clients value as they engage our services and then deliver that value
  • Demonstrate professionalism and expertise in achieving client objectives
  • Build client relationships characterized by partnership, service, value and, above all, results
  • Make character-based decisions on all aspects of clients work, always putting the client’s interests above those of the firm.
  • This includes always providing truthful, principle-based feedback to clients
  • Be uncompromising in our quality standards