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Team Building

The research is clear. Well-conceived and trained teams achieve great things – things that could not be accomplished without exceptional levels of collaboration.

In spite of the promise of team, research also tells us that 60% of the time, teams do not realize their stated objectives. One major reason is that many organizations are not well-informed regarding the challenge of teams. Teams are complex, costly endeavors. Done right, they are significant investments for the enterprise as well as the individual team members. Many team efforts fail before they ever start for lack of design, time, resources, and training investment. Other reasons might include:

  • Lack of management and functional support
  • Ill-defined goals
  • Unclear roles
  • Inappropriate team composition – Lack of needed skills
  • Lack of supporting processes for team communication, decision-making, and conflict resolution
  • Weak leadership
  • Inappropriate or inadequate success measures
  • Lack of collaborative skills
  • Interpersonal conflict

Many of these issues could be avoided or effectively addressed with thoughtful team design, a clear understanding of the principles and pitfalls of effective team work, relevant training and on-going support. That’s where Triaxia comes in. We bring nearly 30 years of global team development expertise to our clients. With our experience in companies as big as Fortune 50’s and as small as start-up nonprofit organizations, we help you quickly and successfully launch high performance teams deployed against your most important business objectives.

Our team consulting services are supported by a powerful portfolio of team learning solutions to help teams increase their effectiveness. The unique Triaxia Team Model describing the characteristics of a high performance team (Based on our bestselling book, The Performance Factor) provides the organizing framework for both team learning and diagnostics. It doesn’t matter whether the client teams are permanent business teams or task forces with a relatively short life span, our team building process is specially designed to help business teams get fast traction.