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Building and Leading a High Performance Team

Unlocking the Secrets of Extraordinary Teamwork

Whereas the single biggest reason for team success is a clear, common, and compelling purpose, the most common reason for team failure is the lack of effective team leadership.

Leadership in today’s world has never been so important and at the same time so difficult. In a world of change, organizations need to engender levels of leadership and cooperation seldom experienced in previous times. Leadership today requires leaders who are able to tap into the resources and resourcefulness of the team leaders who can release the leadership initiative in everyone.

Today, team leaders are often leading teams whose members report formally to someone else. Further, everyone seems to be on multiple teams, often with different roles and conflicting demands. Matrix structures, virtual organizations, and distributed teams have created a proliferation of dotted lines on what used to be a fairly simple and easy-to-understand organization chart. Team leaders are caught up in the complexity of attempting to maintain a sense of authority on one hand and to be colleagues and team members on the other. They are challenged with having to deliver extraordinary results with fewer people and less time.

This workshop will introduce participants to the idea of high performance teams. The leaders and their team will discover a powerful model that will help them better understand the critical ingredients needed to achieve extraordinary levels of collaboration and business results. They will come to grips with the critical importance of leadership in building high performance teams and sustaining exceptional results.
This full-day workshop incorporates presentation, discussion, videos, and exercises, all designed to help participants turn principle into practice.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Learn the principles and practices of high performance teamwork
  • Discover the differentiating attributes of highly effective teams
  • Clarify their role as team leaders in contrast to a leadership role not found in a team setting
  • Develop the understanding that high levels of team performance are a result of individual members’ “volunteering” extraordinary levels of commitment, energy, and creativity.