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Wise Decision Making

This workshop enables participants to identify, explore, and discuss the effects of key decision-making principles that result in the organization’s desired results, from hiring new staff to expanding the organization or developing new products and services.

Participants will explore different types of decisions, the nature of consensus, and roles in the decision process. The course introduces and allows participants to apply a six-step criteria-based model for effective decision-making through the use of an interactive case study.

“Using this case study, my managers learned more about our business and industry in one day than they have in the entire past year.”
– CEO, U.S. Car Manufacturing Company

Triaxia consultants can develop tailored case studies for use in this workshop that reflect practical, real life decisions that your staff make in their day-to-day work.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Discuss the current state of decision-making for themselves individually and as an organization
  • Explore the principles and pitfalls of effective decision-making
  • Recognize the barriers and benefits of making decisions in a team or group setting
  • Develop mastery of a criteria-based process for making high quality decisions