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Team Case Studies

The client organization was confronted with the need to consolidate nine separate sales divisions and deploy highly effective customer business teams who could present a single face to their larger, more sophisticated customers. A considerable internal effort to develop the training needed to equip these teams with the skills and processes failed and the company turned to Triaxia for help.

After an extensive search for alternatives, Triaxia was selected as the primary source for this content. The company licensed Triaxia’s team model and learning solutions technology and retained us to tailor the content to better fit their culture, business objectives and strategy. Triaxia adapted our team learning solutions for such topics like high performance team work, decision making, conflict resolution, meeting management, etc. and trained 35 client trainers who deployed the training throughout the enterprise. The impact of these learning models were such that the client declared them to be enterprise level processes and used them globally across every function.

The client company used cross-functional teams / task forces for every new and major initiative in the company. Such initiative might include anything from the design and testing of a new restaurant format to the development of a new menu item. There was a growing awareness that the success of project depended as much (if not more) on the effectiveness of the team as the efficacy of the idea. In order to strengthen their team initiatives, the company licensed Triaxia’s team curriculum and models and trained trainers throughout the company to train and support these important teams. They decided to implement team training for all project teams and task forces and licensed Triaxia team learning solutions (Basic team training, conflict resolution, decision-making, problem-solving, and meeting management). We adapted the content to better meet the client needs, trained internal trainers who were responsible for providing training for these groups on an ongoing basis.

This client believed that if they could create a team model that would foster high levels of collaboration and teamwork among bright, creative, and highly independent associates, they could achieve breakthrough results for their global clients. Triaxia was retained to adapt our team model and technology for such an environment and equip client staff to train all of the firm’s client teams. This approach transformed the creative process between firm and client and soon clients were asking for the same team training.

The client organization designed and manufactured a wide array of sophisticated electronic components, some sold at retail in electronics shops; others were distributed to other manufacturers like GE for inclusion in their MRI machines. The challenge was that the company, in spite of their reputation for excellent quality, was falling behind in their ability to bring new, innovative products to market fast enough to satisfy demand. Triaxia was retained to re-engineer their product development process to a team-based approach that cut development times by almost 50%.

Triaxia Partners was retained to help design a solution. Through a combination of strategic planning, an innovative product design system, and the implementation of a team-based design process the client was able to address highly innovative designs from the drawing board to the shipping dock in one third less time than the former process.