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Strategic Planning Philosophy

Planning is an inherently internal, customized activity. In assisting our clients in developing such strategic plans, we strive to apply the following planning philosophy when working with strategy clients:


Strategic planning projects are not turnkey efforts. Approaches and end products must be tailored to our clients’ history, objectives, and capacity. Consulting intensity depends on targeted results such as updating an existing plan versus building one from scratch and the degree to which significant internal resources are available to support the effort (always preferable).

Process More Than Product

The point of a planning effort is not simply delivering a binder containing a carefully crafted document to pull from the shelf from time to time. Such a document should be a byproduct of a rigorous thinking process. An effective plan is a living document. We help clients assume ongoing ownership of a process for continued strategic thinking and action after a front-end planning effort is completed.

Internal Ownership

Successful planning efforts depend on the devotion of adequate internal leadership time and attention. This exercise cannot be relegated to outside experts alone. At Triaxia, we seek to work closely with those client leaders who will be held accountable for implementing the strategic plans that we develop together. At the same time, Triaxia consultants seek to bring an impartial expertise to planning initiatives, based on our experience in similar planning efforts across a global client base. We help our clients identify planning weaknesses or blind spots, as well as effective responses to fill these gaps.


Triaxia Partners seeks to provide external support that adds significant value to our client companies. Your organization should be able to point to better, faster and/or more durable decisions and problem-solving as a result of engaging our firm. We employ a disciplined and fact-based approach in sorting through and prioritizing ideas and options, often ones that the current leadership team has already identified and discussed at length without resolution. Triaxia strategy consultants constantly seek to pose provocative questions, facilitate candid discussion/debate, force a rigorous look at the facts, challenge conventional thinking, and assure the development of results-driven initiatives.