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Governance Assessments

The Board Strength Survey

Triaxia’s Governance Cornerstone® site is wholly dedicated to helping non-profit boards reach their greatest effectiveness. The first of four instruments available at Governance Cornerstone, The Board Strength Survey will help your board assess how well it is performing against the four core mandates and twelve responsibilities of all nonprofit boards.

The process is simple, fully automated, fast and confidential. Our Governance Cornerstone system will send each of your board members a survey to be completed anonymously online. When they’ve finished, you can download your Board Strength Survey Report.

Board Strength Survey Report gathers and summarizes the perspectives of each board member and provides a straight-forward, high resolution PDF report of your strengths and opportunities for development as a board. It will guide you through engaging discussions of “How are we doing and, how can we do better?” Action Plans included at the end of the report to facilitate the development of plan for increased board effectiveness.


Board CEO 360 Evaluation

Coming Soon

One important responsibility of a nonprofit board is to evaluate the performance of the chief executive on a regular basis. Governance Cornerstone will introduce a comprehensive CEO evaluation that is completed by all board members and then presented in summary form.

The evaluation includes assessment of skill areas important to any nonprofit chief executive (e.g., Leadership, Strategic Planning, Program Management, Financial Management, etc.) and key goals established for the executive by the board. The report outlines effective processes and principles for providing the feedback to the executive in a way that maximizes acceptance, understanding, and development.

Board Member Self-Evaluation

Coming Soon

Board members often find it is beneficial to periodically take stock of their skills, commitment, and energy in their role as a board member. The Governance Cornerstone Board Member Self-Evaluation acts as a mirror for individual board members as they ask and answer a series of questions relevant to effective governance. The results are solely for the use of your individual board members as they reflect on how they might improve their governance effectiveness.